The Bomb 3

The party: For the third rendition of The Bomb party we have sought out a comfortable, warm, and vibey space in which to share our love of music with our closest friends. We would be delighted if you would join us for an evening of house, soul, beats, and bleeps.

The Bomb Squad will be tagging throughout the evening, with no particular rhyme or reason. Expect an eclectic mix of disco, house, and the occasional curveball your Mom used to play en route to school.

You can peep the sound of the previous Bomb party here.

The space: Magick City is a cozy venue at the intersection of Box st and Manhattan Ave in northern Greenpoint. It has a nice bar, a soundsystem tuned to the room, and a small lounge area in the back. Magick City is located in Greenpoint right by the Pulaski Bridge, its closest MTA stop is the Greenpoint G, and there's a closer Citi Bike on McGuiness Ave.

The rules:

  1. No loitering outside of the venue
  2. Be respectful of each other
  3. Be respectful of the space
  4. The neighborhood is residential. Keep within the venue and be respectful while taking a break outside.

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